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Thinking of how to join Freemasonry?
image Why would you join Freemasonry?
Expressing a desire to join the fraternity is the first step to becoming a freemason.

What attracts a man to Freemasonry? Every man comes of his own free will and accord, with his own individual needs and interests. One man may join so that he can associate with other men who believe that only by improving themselves can they hope to improve the world. Another man may join because he is looking for a focus for his charitable inclinations. And yet another may be attracted by a strong sense of history and tradition. Many join simply because they knew a friend or relative who was a freemason and they admired that man’s way of living his life. All who join and become active discover a bond of brotherly affection and a community of mutual support; a practical extension of their own religious and social beliefs.

What is Required to Join?
In order to become a Freemason, certain things are required:
  • You must be joining of your own free will.
  • You must be free-born. The term “free-born” is a holdover from the days when slavery, indentured servitude, and bonding were common. It means that a man must be his own master, and not be bound to another man. That’s not a problem these days, but the language is retained because of its antiquity and a desire to retain the heritage of the fraternity.
  • You must be of lawful age.
  • You must believe in a Supreme Being. You may call him Allah, God, Buddha, etc...but you must believe.

What is the process if I want to join?
2B1 ASK1

Joining is very simple. To be a Mason, you must ask a Mason. We do not recruit, ask you, pressure or do things to get you to join. You simply just ask someone in the lodge and you will be on your way. And if you do not know someone in the lodge - just click on the Contact Us and send an email to our Worshipful Master or our Lodge Secretary and they will take care of you.