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The historical sketch immediately following is an abbreviated copy of an address given by Rt. Wor. Bro. William Northwood on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Lodge. Since the early records of the Lodge (save the book in which the by-laws were written, and in which each member signs his name) were destroyed by fire, this record is the only link we have with the earliest days of our Lodge.

"We will endeavour to briefly outline the principal incidents that led to its inception. The first of these, was, the surrender (by resolution of the Lodge) of the Charter of Lodge, No. 59 “Corinthian”; then under the mastership of W. Bro. Robert Watson, in the year 1875. How this surrender was affected when several young members were set adrift, and found themselves without a Lodge is not known. After an unsuccessful attempt to recover the Charter, Bro. A Taylor, Bro. W. Gardner, and others resolved to apply for a new one.

The Principal cause that brought about the desire to form a new Lodge, occurred in the “Builders” Lodge, No. 177 in the year 1877 when a large number of brethren withdrew from that Lodge. At the time, then Wor. Bro. Samuel Rogers was one of the number, and it was due to his persistent effort that we eventually succeeded in the formation of this Lodge. Considerable opposition to the project was manifested at the time, but Rt. Wor. Bro. Samuel Rogers was an Englishman and also a Devonshire man, and he would not be denied. Accordingly on July 16, 1878 a meeting was held at the office of Bro. A. H. Taylor then Grand Trunk Agent in the city, at which numerous brethren were present. Officer positions were discussed along with the new name of the Lodge to be “The Prince of Wales”. The next meeting was held at the home of Bro. H. Letch, when all members present signed the application to Grand Lodge and it was decided that the Lodge should meet on the second Thursday of each month.

On the 20th November 1878 a meeting was held at St. Lawrence Hall. Rt. Wor. Bro. Samuel Rogers presented recommendations from “Civil Service”, “Builders”, and “Chaudiere” Lodges; this being a necessary preliminary. These were forwarded with the application to the Right Worshipful D.D.G.M at the time. On the 6th December 1878, Rt. Wor. Bro. Samuel Rogers submitted a letter from the D.D.G.M. enclosing the dispensation.

The first regular meeting of “Prince of Wales” Lodge under Dispensation was held on the 12th December 1878.

At the regular meeting held on Oct. 9th 1879 the warrant dated September 10th 1879, was read, and the new Lodge constituted and dedicated and officers installed by R.Wor. Bro. William Kerr D.D.G.M., assisted by R. Wor. Bro. John Walsh, and V. W. Bro. Wm. Rea."
~ RWBro. Northwood


Our Charter Members of Prince of Wales #371:

  • Samuel Rogers ~ Born Charlton Devonshire England on Dec. 28, 1828. Initiated Charity Lodge #223 E.R. Affiliated Dalhousie #52 GRC. June 6, 1865. Charter member the Builders #177 First Junior Warden. Charter Member Prince of Wales #371 First Master. Occupation Joiner undertaker. Died Ottawa May 24, 1895 W. M. 1879, l882 DDGM l880
  • Alexander H. Taylor ~ Occupation Grand Trunk R.R. Ticket Agent. Possibly from Lodge of Fidelity First Senior Warden Master 1880. Demit Feb 9, 1882 Joined Doric ##58 Feb 7, 1883
  • James William Whitford M.D. ~ Occupation was a Doctor. Belden’s Historical Atlas of Carleton County states he settled in Ottawa l876. First Junior Warden Master l88l. Demit Jan 11 1883.
  • L. Kent Clisby ~ Occupation was a Chemist. First Senior Deacon. Died May 1893
  • Peter A. MacDougal ~ member of Doric #58, initiated June l2 1867. His occupation was Doctor of Physics. First Junior Deacon. Attended R.W Bro. S Rogers in his dying hours.
  • Tom Porter ~ Occupation was Merchant. Member of Corinthian #59. First Inner Guard
  • William Borthwick ~ Occupation was Merchant. First Director of Ceremonies. Master 1895 and l896. Mayor of Ottawa 1895 and 1896. Demit May 22, 1903. Died Ottawa Sept. 30 1928.
  • Harry G. Letch ~ Member Lodge of Fidelity July 9, 1873. Occupation was Merchant. Born Nethersfield, England Jan. 26, l850. First Steward. Suspended N.P.D. Mar.8, l888. Reinstated Jan 27, 1898. Died May 7, 1925.
  • Ralph I. Cook ~ Occupation was as a Bookkeeper. First Steward.
  • John Stewart ~ Occupation was Contractor & Builder. First Treasurer. Built home at 256 Rideau Street. l872 died May 4, 1894.
  • James Carruthers ~ Member of lodge of Fidelity #231, initiated Jan 14 1874. Occupation was Printer. First Secretary. Suspended July 8, 1880
  • William Mills ~ Civil Service Lodge. First Chaplain. Died Feb 25, 1895.
  • Mills K. Church M.D. ~ Belden’s Historical Atlas of Carleton states he settled in Ottawa with his brother Clarence Ransom Church M.D. in 1873. Occupation was Doctor of Medicine and possibly jail surgeon of Carleton County Jail. Past Master of Merrickville Lodge #55 Made Hon. Member Jan 9, 1879. Died & Buried in Kemptville, Ont. June 1904.
  • Daniel Beatty M.D. ~ Occupation was Doctor of Medicine. Affiliated with Goodwood Lodge # 159 Feb 6, 1866, from Renfrew Lodge #122. W.M. of Goodwood Lodge 1868 & l870 Honorary member Prince of Wales #371 Jan 9 1879.
  • I. B. Taylor ~ Occupation was as a Printer. Initiated in Doric #58 Aug 6, 1862. Past Master of Corinthian #59. Honorary member Prince of Wales #371 Jan 9, l879. Died April 1899.
  • Alexander Mills ~ Occupation was Cabinet Maker. Born in Prescott, United Kingdom on May 5, 1835. Initiated to the Builders #177 Mar 15 1867. Presented a set of W. Tools to lodge Mar 13, 1879. Chaplain 1897-1905. Life Member Mar 23, 1906. Died Nov 15 1918.
  • David Cockburn ~ Occupation was a Carver and Gilder.
  • George A Harris ~ Occupation was a Forewarder at a Warehouse on the Rideau Canal near Rideau Street. He also owned a steamboat. Demitted Feb 1892. Joined the Builders # 177.
  • William Northwood ~ Occupation was as a Clerk. Born in Wolver Hampton, Staffordshire, England Aug 13, 1844. Initiated Corinthian lodge #59 April 20, l87l. Master or Prince of Wales #371 l885, 1886 & 1887. DDGM July 1906. Life Member l906. Partner in plumbing supply business Rideau Street called McKinley & Northwood. President of Metcalfe St. Temple Corporation 1912. Died 1928
  • Thomas Sterne Stetham ~ Occupation was Insurance Agent. Died 1883 at the age of 43.
  • James Lavery ~ Occupation was Printer. Initiated in Lodge of Fidelity #231 Feb 13, 1878. Demitted and Died Toronto, Ontario.
  • William Gardner Died Feb 27 1882
  • Leonard Winters ~ Occupation was Grocer. Born in Cheltenham, England Aug 24, 1831. Initiated the Builders #177 Aug 9 l867. Fought for the Union Army in the American Civil War. Died May 1897.
  • David A. Welch ~ Occupation was a Printer. Honorary Member Aug 9,1889.
  • John Cowan ~ Occupation was a Grocer. Initiated in the Builders #177 Oct. 1877. Treasurer of the lodge for many years. Demitted Nov 22, 1900. Died 1920.
  • James W. Turley ~ Occupation was a Book Binder. Born Liverpool Eng. June 14, 1846. Initiated in the Builders #177 May 9, 1873. Master of Prince of Wales#371 l888, l889 & l891. Grand Director of Ceremonies 1903. Life Member 1906. Died April 15, 1911.


Our District Deputy Grand Masters from Prince of Wales #371 over the years:


Other Grand Lodge Officers from Prince of Wales #371 over the years:


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Currently, Prince of Wales Lodge is a growing dynamic lodge with a great balance of both experience and desire to continue to grow as a Craft Lodge.